Sunday, July 18, 2010

So I'm just getting old??

For the past 3 weeks I have been poked, prodded, scrutinized, observed, jabbed, grabbed and lit up like a Christmas tree. And now I find out that all my problems could quite possibly be caused by my ovaries ceasing to function. Otherwise known as menopause.

Huh. I'd have never have guessed that.

I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago so that's why I had no *clue* if you know what I mean.

After the CT and pelvic ultrasound and all the blood work turned up nothing unusual, I returned to see my GYN and it's his opinion that the discomfort and quite possibly the buzzing could be caused by my lack of estrogen. He knows for certain that my ovaries have stopped working by the results of the blood work.

Everything else that all these doctors have tested for have turned up normal.

The first thing I did was to go home and cancel my colonoscopy. After meeting with the doctor who was supposed to have performed it and getting his opinion that, after viewing the results of my pelvic CT, he didn't expect to find anything unusual on the colonoscopy, I just decided to give myself a break.

They told me I can call to reschedule at any time and I promised myself I would, but I'm just sick of all the cold metal tables and the backless gowns. If I'm never going to again wear a backless gown that's covered with sequins an has matching shoes, than I'm not going to wear one that's one size fits all and still shows my butt. At least not right away.

If the buzzing were getting worse or there was more pain, then maybe, but right now I just want to relax and start taking the Estradial and see if it helps.

The GYN had a long talk with me about the Women's Health Initiative study clinical trial results about hormone replacement therapy and the big scare it gave all women in 2002 when the news had it plastered all over the place that HRT causes breast cancer and increases your chance of heart attack.

We discussed how the study which was supposed to measure the benefits of HRT in NEWLY menopausal women was fundamentally flawed because they selected women who were of the average age of 63 -- an age quite well past "newly" menopausal.

He gave me some literature and told me to go home and research it on the internet. Apparently he hasn't gotten the memo. All my other doctors have each, at one time or another, rolled their eyes, expelled heavy sighs, and told me to "PLEASE, stay OFF the internet, would you?!"

I've been doing very well this time around though. I think I really have learned some lessons about late night frantic, fear-driven searches for answers to the worst possible hypothetical questions. I just am burnt out on that kind of stress and didn't even bother this time.

That said, ovarian cancer had been rolling around my mind the past couple of weeks but I was good, and didn't Google the symptoms.

Because I already know that ovarian cancer, unless it's in late stages, doesn't really have any symptoms (or so I vaguely think I remember from reading about Gilda Radner a long time ago). So the buzz and the pressure/soreness symptoms didn't scare me into thinking it would be a close match.

So, here, on the eve of my 11 year old's 12th birthday, only 3 months shy of the 12th anniversary of my hysterectomy surgery, I sit contemplating on how age is catching up to me no matter how young my mind still insists on acting.

Who'd have thought a little estrogen might fix all my complaints? Doc asked if I'd been having hot flashes (check), night sweats (check), mood swings (check), achy joints (check), trouble sleeping (check)...

I think I'm going to start the Estradial. It can't hurt to try it for a couple months and see if it helps. I may feel a lot better or maybe nothing will change. For $4 a month (full Rx price with no insurance) I can find out.

If only Fingo were going to be that cheap...

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