Monday, August 29, 2011

These idiots don't WANT anyone to post anything truthful apparently

I reregistered and posted the info I had found sans links in rebuttal to the post with all the misinformation about Gilenya.

AGAIN my account was suspended. This time for reregistering and apparently acting as an "authority" by trying to post some actual facts instead of spewing garbage like the other poster.

I'd say "what a joke" but it's no laughing matter when they allow incorrect info to be posted on their site and disallow any rebuttal. That is total irresponsibility as a moderator in my opinion.

(Edited to add a link to the post where I discuss what this is all in reference to.)


  1. In my opinion, anyone who takes the word of a web forum poster - ANY web forum poster - as gospel, deserves to live a life of ignorance.


  2. How strange - so they only post non-authoritative messages???

    I wonder who is behind that board/forum.


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