Monday, July 18, 2011

Noodle legs, noodle dinner

Not sure what's going on but I woke up at 3a.m. this morning as usual to let my kitty outside and (as usual) I couldn't get back to sleep. When I did manage to doze off after channel surfing and wasting time on Facebook, I didn't awaken until 10a.m.

I immediately went to take my 9a.m. Gilenya dose and realized I was incredibly tired and headed back to bed.

I got up a bunch of times to use the bathroom but that was it. Oh, and I had a bowl of Great Graines with Silk soy milk on it before drifting off again.

It wasn't a constant slumber but more of a "maybe I'll get up, but on second thought, nah" type of thing with one leg hanging off the bed as if to make a half-hearted effort toward responsibility.

This is so NOT like me. So much so that my mother insisted I take my temperature which ended up being the only perfectly normal thing about me. At one point, when I did manage to make it all the way into the living room to announce that the shopping trip I'd planned for necessities was called off due to fatigue and tired legs, I caught her snooping in her Dr. Koop's handbook for the chronically hypochondriacal (is that even a word?).

She let out a hoot and just about shot straight up out of her easy chair when she realized she'd been busted, and then confessed there was nothing under "tired" in the index. I suggested "fatigue" which quickly resulted in a questionnaire of 50 "bigger than a breadbox" type of questions.

No, I don't have the worst headache of my life.
No, I don't have hives.
No, I'm not sick to my stomach.

I'm not depressed, I'm not seeing spots upon standing, I'm not having trouble breathing, I'm not any more forgetful or dizzy than...what?? usual??

That's when Mom slammed the book shut and lifted her head to look down through her bifocals at me and said "Do you suppose it could be your MS?"

What??? Nooooo!!

Well, huh. Now that you mention it, maybe?

It's weird that it's been so long since I had a documented relapse that I have forgotten how they start. Usually it's numbness as far as I can recollect, but this fatigue is almost debilitating and I can't come up with any other excuse for it.

I mean we are totally OUT of toilet paper yet I cannot drag my noodley tired legs as far as the car to get me 5 miles down the road to the land of Charmin. We are suffering through this, the whole family and I, by rationing out Kleenex until I feel I can make the trip sometime tomorrow.

We didn't even have any decent left-overage built up in the fridge to fall back on for dinner and all I could find in the pantry that I could make for dinner in 10 minutes or less was Ramen Noodles.

The fatigue is oppressive and my legs have to be either locked stiffly or if I'm not leaning on something they'll surely buckle. Horizontal and not fighting gravity seems the best position for me today so why fight it? Other than the fact that basic cable is pure torture, it was an uneventful, lazy day spent almost entirely in bed.

The true test of whether it's MS related for me or not will be when I wake up tomorrow. If I feel the same way then something's going on. Usually, since starting G 4 years ago, I have discovered a good night's sleep cures just about all the symptoms I may attribute to MS creeping back up on me.

Hopefully we'll be wiping with a handful of fluffy pure cloud-like TP tomorrow and eating a meal with meat and veggies. It sucks to be the one everyone depends on sometimes...

Today SHOULD have been spent planning my son's big birthday tomorrow. He'll be turning 13 and I don't even have a cake for him yet. Doh!


  1. The best thing I can say is I truly understand your plight.

  2. Well, Jeri, I just saw this and you posted today and didn't mention this - I hope that means you feel a lot better today!


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