Sunday, February 8, 2009

The one thing I hate about FTY720

I got this head cold on my birthday, Jan. 31st (I'll take belated gifts, btw). Everyone else I know that had it, got over it in a day or three.

I thought I was getting over it as well, but then it set up house in my chest, just like in those weird Mucinex commercials. I think they're hanging pictures on the walls of my lungs and everything.

I cough all night long and I'm really phlegmy (Flemish?). I never used to be like this with colds. I've always had a pretty top notch immune system that would efficiently kick a head cold's butt in 72 hours with all signs of any illness erased like it never even happened.

But since this trial I have had a LOT of upper respiratory infections. During the first winter of the study I had 6 URIs in the span of 4 months. And I read in the Informed Consent that URIs were a known side effect.

So, even though I can't say enough good things about Fingolimod, it sure sucks to have a head cold that won't go away.

Pass the Kleenex, would ya?

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  1. Careful now, Missy! My "head cold" (ahem) turned into pee new moan ya. you needed one more potential hypochondriacal notion, eh?

    (sorry...but DO watch yourself please)


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