Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just to clarify...

The last post about being "Ticked Off" about others getting compensation was incorrect. They aren't getting compensated but reimbursed for gas money. Money's money and I haven't gotten any tho.

But I do want all you money-getting FingoHeads to know that I'm not now, nor have I ever been, ticked at you guys!! How could I possibly be ticked at the inner circle of my MS circle of friends?? We've come too far and shared too much to do anything but sit around the bonfire of our syringes aflame and sing "Kumbaya".

It's big Pharma I'm ticked at. They know who they are, and they read this blog.

"Equal pay (i.e. gas reimbursement) for everyone, I say!! Have you no soul?" said in my best protest-leading, bra-burning voice. (oh wait, that was a whole 'nother thing.)


  1. aiming the gun at a larger target, I sure to lock and load. Big bear always take a few more shots than say, a common TURKEY!

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. Good for you. You should get what's yours. Power to the people! Oh, wait, that was another thing, too :-)

  3. Wow that sucks your not getting gas money with that kind of drive. I only have a 45min drive and I'm getting money.

    Hate hearing your eye exam stuff too. No problem with mine and he even wrote me a script for glasses each time. I asked if he could and he just wrote it out no big deal. Ha guess my regular opthimoligist will just have to drive the same porsche this year poor guy.

    I go for my 2 week tomorrow

  4. Well damn. I'm only traveling 40 minutes and there is minimal compensation promised if I make it to the end of the trial I'm almost in. Feel a little guilty now, but haven't started the Fingo yet so it could still go wrong...

  5. I feel ya. I've been in the study for nearly a year and haven't received any travel reimbursement - even when gas was nearly $5.00 a gallon. While I'm happy for those that have been reimbursed, the rules should be the same for everyone, right?


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