Monday, February 2, 2009

How about this?

Can't go wrong with a shot of my own pill bottle and some cropped in actual pills now can I?

No more frilly froo froo. I took the bows out of my hair and got down to brass tacks...or Fingolimod Pills ... or whatever.

I figured I couldn't find any design more fitting that an actual photo of the pills, unless I stuck one of me on the "& Me" side of the page, but that ain't gonna happen.

That last poll is over. Now vote on the new one. And be's 2 days after my birthday. (I'm milkin' it.)


  1. Like the pill bottle. Nice touch.

    However, without changing my screen resolution, I don't know what it says all the way down the side.

    "I'll do anything to keep from having to........"

    I especially like the shadow. Cool.

  2. That better, Lisa? I shortened it up. :D

  3. Aw, that's good and makes sense. Now just put a little buffer at the top so that the Blogger log-in/search bar doesn't cover part of the I in I'll. Then it would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T-O.

  4. There. LOL I moved the pills/bottle down, too.

    Now I have to start blogging more about the trail and quit with all the whiny, insignificant stuff.

  5. This is a great background. Fits the subject matter and is pretty. What more could anyone want?

  6. Darlink!

    It is Maaaaavelous!!!! (And it WAS me that snarked about the roses) LMAO

    Linda D. in Seattle

  7. It's PINK yeah yeah I know but seriously besides the MS Sucks guy I am starting to really wonder if they are lying about "almost as many men" get MS as women. The more time I spend online the more I think it's like 10% men vs 90% women.


    Seriously though very nice work much better than the last one, but heck I'm a guy plain white would work for me :)


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