Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Plan

I made a persistent pest of myself along the lines of a mosquito that buzzes in your ear but narrowly avoids the deadly swat each time. It paid off. I finally got to talk to a human. However exasperated with me she might have been, she was professional and didn't show it.

I got my appointment for the flea-ectomy for this coming Monday. My social calendar (otherwise known as the noaa weather chart) shows I'll be free that day as Hanna should be bothering the nice people in New England by then while Ike will be fashionably late. Perfect!

That will be September 8th. By my calculations, the 16th should come on or about 8 days from then. (I didn't mention I'm a mathematical geenyus, did I?) When I asked if the pathology would take a week, Tiffany said "Oh, no! It shouldn't take that long!" (famous last words).

So now I wait. I think on Monday I will beg the doctor to throw his weight around and tell the lab "STAT!" Why can't I have House's team of doctors?? They do their own lab work and con and connive to get results from other tests within the 60 minute confines of the show. **sigh** I mean, my life's a soap opera anyhow...what with all these cliff hangers.

I have a good feeling. I just hope I can maintain that good feeling after Sunday...when I take my last pill.


  1. Prayers continue, kid.

    By the way, can't wait for "House" to start up again. Great show!

  2. Personally, I'd rather have the Interns on Seattle Grey's Anatomy...wait! I HAVE had interns in Seattle. Strike that.

    You know, you "could" just take an exacto knife to that spec and remove it, leaving them NOTHING to worry about anymore...except your psychiatric consult for cutting on yourself! Just a thought...

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. Oh Linda! You ARE an evil genius! I like that one!

    I actually offered to "pick the damn specks off and take them to the lab myself" back when I was having problems getting an appointment for the biopsies.

    But to Exacto off the remainder of the mole... that'll leave em guessing, eh? Except the scab won't be old enough. I'd be practically still bleeding when I went in. Drat!

    I'd rather tell them to leave it on my back and send me to the lab all in one piece. That way my mouth can go along for the ride and bug the crap out of them until they get the results back quick.

    Not sure how comfy I'd be all squished between two glass slides, tho.


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