Saturday, September 13, 2008

No news is good news!

At least when it comes to me and blogging. It seems as tho if I don't have a predicament or dilemma to write about I forget to write.

I left off last time with a cliff hanger and had a couple people write to ask what the heck ever happened. I was going to wait until the fall line up to have everyone tune in then to see how the cast of characters did. Seeing as how my little blog is not being premiered on national television in prime time, I guess I can just go ahead and post what happened now and relieve all the suspense.

When last we left off I was whining about my back hurting from getting Frankensteined and contemplating in hopeful expectation the idea of being Randomized on Wednesday. Later on that day (Tuesday) I got a call from the trial coordinator saying my new "stash" was in and I could come up and get it. As crazy as this may sound, I told her it would have to be the next day. In all my excitement of self-centeredly getting wrapped up in my own made-for-TV mellowdrama, I completely forgot that I had to take my mom to the doctor's that afternoon.

So I drove up Wednesday and got my fresh bottle of Heaven in Pill Form...and a box of shots. DOH! They wanted me to do one more lousy shot before I start the extension. Is this some cruel joke? I already had the Last Shot Ceremony and had mentally prepared myself for a life of never having to poke myself again. DRAT!

"I have to do another shot??!" I said in my most whiny, childlike voice supposing the force of my annoying tone would alone be enough to make her cave and say "Nah, I was just joking, it's a box of popcorn. Enjoy!"

But she was the trial nurse, and she's no slacker. She's studying to be one of the Research people who travels around from center to center putting the fear of God into everyone while checking to make sure they are doing everything by the book. To let me skate on taking the shot, regardless of its most assuredly water-like placebo content, would go against her training and all she is working towards.

While we were debating the shot, I popped the top on the new bottle of pills and swallowed one right there. Ahhhhhh!! The magic of the mind. I instantly felt "right" again. Like it was the final piece in the health puzzle that made me feel normal....must like I imagine a junky feels when they get their fix.

While I was basking in a Fingolimod glow, I was told that Wednesday was off and I would be coming up on Monday the 15th to get Randomized. I don't know why they call it that -- it's anything but random this time as I will take my first honest to God bona fide Fingolimod capsule, never to wonder again if I'm getting the real deal or not. (Like I have any doubt!)

So, Monday I leave at the crack of dawn to make the 2 hour trip to arrive for my dose at 8 sharp. Luckily I'm a morning person.

I'm packing a cooler and bringing a book, an MP3 player, a couple dvd's and anything else I can think of to entertain myself.

I wish they'd just let me leave and come back on the hour. It's right smack in downtown (just about) Jacksonville and there's lots of stuff to do there. Seems like the only time I am ever in downtown Jacksonville it's not to go to museums or art galleries, but to go to the hospital. *sigh*

I'll take my camera, at least, and see if I can get some of the players to pose for blog pics....or take a couple of me being bored.

Until Monday... thanks for playing along. I appreciate that someone out there cares.


  1. Ahem... there's more than just ONE someone who cares. Thanks for the update. : )

  2. Huzzah! I hope everything is the same after Monday.

  3. Jeri,

    I was randomized this past Friday (two other people were in there with me so time went by fast because we had someone to talk to). Everything went well except the last EKG that I had to take the machine ran out of paper LOL. The study nurse was running around like a crazy person trying to find more paper and eventually just had to find a different EKG machine.

  4. Very glad to hear the good news! I hope all continues in such a vein - excuse the shot pun.


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