Saturday, March 29, 2008 selling Awareness Ribbon Ornies

What the heck is an "ornie" you ask? I wondered that myself, but figured any friend of mine who's selling them must know what they are doing. I got a free one in an order of candles that I got from her. I'm addicted to all the scented stuff she sells from the jar candles to the bath products, it's all top quality and hand made to order.

Turns out, an "Ornie" is described as follows:
These air fresheners are made made from clear polymer beads that are colored and scented and then baked into shapes. The finished product is a beautiful air freshener that resembles stained glass but feels like plastic and is flexible and unbreakable.

I mentioned to her that I would like an Ornie that she sells, only in an Awareness Ribbon shape and to be the MS orange color. She then came up with the idea of doing Awareness Ribbon Ornies and donating a portion of her proceeds to your charity of choice. I was touched by that idea and told her if she got the product up there on her site, I would blog about it and try to get her some business.

I've been hooked on her products for a couple of years. All her scents are scrumptious and fit any occasion. If I'm having a good day and want everything to smell like roses, I get out my candles and voila! Rose Garden! If I'm down in the dumps and having a bad day, all it takes is the scent of Apple Pie to bring me around.

And the best part is she's selling all this stuff at AFFORDABLE prices. I'm not related to Donald Trump, so I have to count my pennies and scrimp and save to make ends meet. I quit smoking so I figure I can indulge in something that makes my house smell good instead of like an ashtray for a change.

These ornies are ony $2.75 each and the fragrance lasts way longer than any other air freshener I've come across.

She had a fire last year and her home burnt to the ground along with her business (she's a stay at home mom who is into making candles, melts, soap, bath bombs, silky suds bath powder, and ornie air fresheners and selling them online). She's trying to get her product line reestablished as she had to start over from scratch.

She's been there for me during my worst of times MS wise, so I thought I could give her a little shout out here to help get the word spread about her wonderful products.... returning the favor.

Here's a link to her product page with the Awareness Ornies:

Pick any scent you like. Find out what all she offers (in scents) here:

You get to choose the charity to which she will donate 15% of her proceeds and the NMSS (National Multiple Sclerosis Society) is one of them.


  1. Actually, I have enough in my life to remind me of MS ... interesting application though!

  2. Yes, but how many beautiful, fragrant things remind you of MS?

    She will make them for any number of causes, and in any number of colors/fragrances. So if you would rather support Breast Cancer Foundation and get a pink one, or St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital... then you don't even have to think about MS ~ Help any cause you like....just 'cause. :-)


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