Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Disability Relate Products

I was on an internet search for some therapy type bands or something to help my 84 year old mom exercise her legs at home when I came across this site:

Disability Information and Resources

I think it's mainly for wheelers, but it seemed apparent that MSers in general -- wheelchair or no -- might find something useful there.

In digging a little deeper to see who owned the website and why they would be driven to compile such an extensive list of links, I discovered to my amazement that the owner/author is a man named Jim Lubin who became a quadriplegic when he suffered an attack of Transverse Myelitis. This man created this (and many other additional websites) using a sip and puff switch to type in morse code.

I find this to be incredibly inspiring.

He's been featured in many articles through the years and he is also shown in this very informative video on that addresses the issues of computer accessibility for handicapped persons.

I wrote to Jim requesting an interview and am patiently awaiting a reply. In the meantime I couldn't wait to share with you a small portion of the wonderful stuff I came across on his site. Here are some highlights:

The list could go on and on. If you have a moment, please do visit his site and have a look around. I'm sure you will be just as inspired and filled with awe as I was.

If Jim is kind enough to respond to my email requesting an interview, I will post it here in due time to share with all. If I don't get the interview, well at least I tried and have posted the links to the info here.

I've found new inspiration in this man who is less "able" than I to not dwell on what I may have lost to my MS, but to be inspired to continue on despite whatever losses, using what I still have at my disposal.

I'll be adding a permanent link to his site in my side bar under "Things that Inspire me".

By the way, Mom, (if you are reading) I promise to get back to finding those exercise thingies for you. You know how easily I get distracted.

Until next time, may you be relapse free or at least having a good day. :-)


  1. wowee...i will definitely go check out his site. thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Oh, thank you, looking for my VISA now!


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