Friday, March 7, 2008

Bottoms Up!

When is eating your fungus that springs from dead insect carcasses (Fingolimod) not so bad? When you compare it to drinking a smoothie made with worm larvae. (eeeee-uck!)

Can drinking worm eggs treat MS?

Some UW Hospital patients will soon test an unusual treatment: They'll drink a cocktail of worm eggs, which will hatch inside their bodies.

Doctors say the low-grade infection of worms, harvested from pigs, can help regulate faulty immune systems. The patients have multiple sclerosis, in which the immune system attacks nerve cells.

"The yuck factor is hard to get over," acknowledged Dr. John Fleming, the UW Hospital neurologist who plans to launch a study of worm therapy next month. "But the idea has scientific merit."

Full Article Here

Somehow I'm really overjoyed to be taking a little brown capsule filled with powder rather than downing that concoction. Being the hypochondriac with an overactive imagination that I am, I would lay in bed at night just knowing that I could feel those little buggers wiggling around inside me. eeeeeeew!

Thank you to all participants brave enough to be involved. You willingness to eat live worms trumps my willingness to eat dead fungus. I bow down before you.


  1. Ha! I remember when I thought I had inflammatory bowel disease - the worm egg shake was being tried as a treatment for that ten years ago. I think it was in Discover Magazine. If it had worked, I would have used it.

  2. Hi Jeri, I've got a little something for you at my place. Do stop by.

  3. Aww shuck (kicks the dirt with toe) that's really sweet...I less than 3 your blog, too!


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