Saturday, September 15, 2007 -- the rudest place on the net!

I saw by my stats that I had a LOT of hits to my blog from a place called "". Curious, I went to see why. Someone had posted a link to my blog as if to share their prospecting find. Someone replied to that post questioning what Fingolimod was.

I decided to share my knowledge from the unique perspective of someone in the clinical trial only to be called a liar. The very knowledgeable folks at this investment site seem to know for a fact that all phase III trials are for 24 months. Hmmmm guess I read my informed consent wrong. It details specific tests and expectations only covering the next 12 months.

I go back to see if there are any replies and find that some NICE person says they want a link to the trial info. Someone else, (NOT SO NICE) decides to provide a link to the wrong trial and quote the trial as saying it's 24 month. Well, gee... YOU'RE RIGHT! That trial IS 24 month, but it's not the one I'm in. Duh!

Man, I would love to sell you some waterfront property out in AZ. The way you do your research is impeccable. (That's scarcasm, again).

Maybe I'd better contact my neurologist who is the lead investigator for the the North Florida arm of the trial. He should know that the investment people over at say it has to go on for 24 months. That may throw all the time line off.

If you came here from investmentvillage and are reading this, GO AWAY. You people know everything and don't need anyone telling you any different. Don't waste your time reading a first hand account of someone taking the medication because it's all lies. I just like to spends a few months dreaming up fake scenarios about the tests and everything to amuse myself.

If you are from investmentvillage and don't concur with your rude board mates, then my apologies. I was only trying to offer information that someone seemed interested in getting. Because it didn't come from another investor, I guess it's no good. Sorry.

If you are one of my usual readers, please ignore this post. I will return to my regularly scheduled program shortly. :-) Just had to get it out of my system. I'm a shy, nice person who was only trying to make friends and supply info to some people who came to my blog. I didn't know I was going to be called a liar and not even get a nice "hello and welcome!" first.

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