Friday, September 21, 2007

1month checkup

I spent yesterday driving to Jacksonville for my one month checkup.It was sunny on the way up, sunny on the way back and only rained once -- when it poured cats and dogs as I parked at the hospital and made my way inside. Nice.

I had another Pulmonary Function Test which the tech said was "normal" again, just like the first one. Then I had another EKG which I didn't find out the results of, and more blood drawn.

I was supposed to have seen the neurologist this time but he was swamped with patients and between him and the nurse, they decided I could see him in 2 weeks when I come back for my next ophthalmologist appointment.

The way I'm figuring it, if there had been any issue with the PFT or the EKG, I'm pretty certain the doc would have made a point to see me. If he can brush me off for another 2 weeks I must be doing okay.

I got new shots and a new bottle of pills, so I am good to go.

I still awake every morning holding my breath and waiting for new symptoms to hit me. So far it's just the same old stuff (some days more pronounced than others) but nothing new.

I really wish I could let out a huge sigh and relax and just enjoy being alive. There is just this constant "what if" feeling in the back of my mind and I'm always uptight. Geeze, life is one big "what if"... I really should just count my blessings.

#1 on the list is that the 1 month checkup was unremarkable and routine. That's a big blessing, right?

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