Monday, June 29, 2009

My next move...

Inspired by all the videos floating around out there as a result of Michael Jackson's untimely death, I have decided this is the next thing I'm going to try to accomplish.

I want to go for my visit to the clinical trial checkup and have the neuro performing the EDSS test ask me to walk for him. I just want to see the look on his face when I pull off the Moon Walk.

I'll probably lose points off the mental stability part of the test (with copious notes accompanying the test outlining my Wacko Jacko impersonation). Heck, they may even admit me for further evaluation, or maybe even halt the clinical trial because of this heretofore unknown side effect.

I just want to see their faces.

And between tests, when I have to walk from one office to another... I'm going to say it's the only way I can now walk. BWAHAHAHA!

I'll be lucky if I can do it at all. So far, in preliminary practice sessions in my hardwood floored hallway and stockinged feet, I have been unsuccessful at recreating this move in a smooth, flowing fashion.

First off, I have to put my hands on either wall to my sides in order to maintain my balance in the starting position, which ends up more reminiscent of Daniel about to pull of the Crane kick in Karate Kid.

Maybe I should just practice that. Then when the doc goes to wack me on the knee with his rubber mallet, I can say it was just my hyper reflexes. Not my fault.

I don't know what is driving me to conquer moonwalking at this time in my life when I couldn't do it back in the 80's.

Maybe I do have some mental deficit.

Or maybe I should just get a life. :-)


  1. OMG! You so totally crack me up just when I need a laugh the most!!!

    (You DID mean for this to be funny right?)

    I do a perfect impression of a left-sided stroke that I like to pull out on my neuro just to watch her gasp (aka crap her pants) whenever she flies into the room and sees me tilted to one side with the left side of my face drooping and drooling...I've been smacked on the top of my head for this more times than I can count. Hehe

  2. Awwww, Cheesie, you know I write this drivel to put a smile on your face.

    Who needs meds??!! Just come here and demand to be entertained until you can no longer pull off the Left Sided Stroke impression because you are laughing too hard. (hugs)


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