Thursday, June 11, 2009

If you don't have insurance, just don't get sick. Simple.

I'm so sick of this crap. I've been dealing with it (like a LOT of other American's) for years now. A diagnosis of MS that keeps me from being able to get health insurance, thus effectively cutting me off at the knees when it comes to health care.

I just got a call from the imaging center saying that the idea of billing Novartis for the ultrasound I need of my left ovary is "too third party" for them. I can't have it done.

Great. There is a machine in that building and a person who gets paid by the hour to operate it, that is just so close I can smell that stupid gel they smear you with, BUT I can't get it done so I get to just GUESS if I have an ovary-bomb waiting to kill me.

Or, I can pay thru the nose. Money I don't have that I am trying to scrape up to keep from losing my home (a whole different ball of stressful worry wax).

Funny that Novartis' check was good for them last year when they did the first ultrasound that discovered the cyst. You get one new person in the mix and they have no problem telling you NO.

How can one human being sit there and not break down into tears having to tell another that a possibly life-saving procedure that could change the whole direction of the remainder of the other person's life is going to be denied them because they don't have enough pictures of dead presidents hanging around???

This is freaking absurd and God is looking down on us ready to throw up because it makes him so sick to see what we have become as a society. Maybe he should. Maybe it should be a big plague of puke raining down on us all, clogging all the precious machines that only the wealthy are privileged enough to be treated with. Clogging everything and sickening everyone. What would the insurance gods do then?? Go hide under a big red umbrella? I think not.

And they would be running around screaming in fear as the puke slowly killed them. And the rest, like me, would be calmly standing by welcoming them to our world.

there. I feel better.

Maybe I can get someone to loan me the money.

And then I better just pray it turns out to be nothing because if just DIAGNOSING ovarian cancer can be so elusively hard for the uninsured to accomplish, treating it will take an act of... well, God.


  1. But seriously, how do you REALLY feel?!? LOL, that is. Oughta be a right in this day and age.


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