Saturday, August 18, 2007

Randomization Party

I wanted to get invitations printed up to send out and invite all my friends, but there just wasn't any time. Drat! So my sister is taking off from work to go hang out with me for 6 hours. I'm not sure if I will be confined to a room or able to freely roam the 10 floors of the two towers.

This is a picture of the building that I will be in. Actually, I'll be in the other tower that you can barely see (that connects to this one by the walkway on the 10th floor. I couldn't back up any farther to get more of the building in the shot and couldn't see the LED screen anyhow since the sun was shining on it. You get the idea.

I've probably spent more time in this left tower (tower 2) than in the other tower (tower 1) even tho all my appointments have been in tower 1. I keep thinking that tower 1 should be on the left and end up going to whatever floor the appointment is on, walking the hallway that makes a big square around the elevators which are centrally located in each tower, and then coming down to go up the other tower. I've actually parked the car with a half hour to spare and then was late for my appointment due to wandering the wrong tower.

After posting that Avonex shot video in my last entry, I've been hanging out at where MSers gather to commiserate and share knowledge and fears. I made mention of how terrified I was of that needle and another Avonex patient told me that she/he (I'm not sure which, sorry) is using the 1" needle. Hmmmm, didn't know there was a choice, but come Monday, when I arrive for randomization, you can bet that will be the first question out of my mouth!

So now that my worries over the size of the needle have subsided, I'm going to concentrate on what to pack the cooler with and which DVD's to bring.

I'm thinking comedies. You can't go wrong with comedy and it eases tension. I think that's why every time I am admitted to the hospital I end up being a one-woman stand up show that's laying down. They can't shut me up, but nobody's really trying to, they are laughing too hard. I did discover that it's best not to crack wise when someone's trying to find a vein tho. You don't want them twitching with the giggles.

So I'm taking Failure to Launch, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Holiday. I cheated and watched Failure to Launch today, but one nice thing about cognitive issues in MS is that by Monday I won't remember any of it and will be amused all over again. I made the choices for my viewing pleasure based solely on whether or not my boyfriend would pull his lip up in a sneer if I asked if we should rent it. If I thought it sounded good but knew he'd hate it, I got it. I don't have to share or be compromising this time. This day is for me. Even guinea pigs need preferential treatment once in a while.

Snacks... plenty of water. (Am I boring or what??) I love Zephyrhills singles, can't get enough. Maybe some V-8, a couple of ham sandwiches, a bag of strawberries and a whole bag of trail mix. I'll be set!

I am trying to think of it as a party for my sister and I to just hang out and spend time together... and watch movies and snack. I'm going to try to ignore the hospitalish setting and that funny sterile smell. I keep telling my sister that one of these days our day trip is going to be for something FUN! Like the mall... where we wander from shop to shop spending freely... now that's my kind of randomization!

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