Friday, August 17, 2007

Avonex Injection Video

Warning: This is NOT for the squeamish!!

I have been curious about the difference between SQ (subcutaneous, or under the skin) injections like the Copaxone I'm familiar with and the IM (in the muscle) shots like Avonex.

Since I'm going to be getting either the placebo shot, or the placebo pill, it makes no difference when it comes to the needle... I will still have to plunge it into one thigh or the other every week, whether it contains Avonex or sugar water.

So I went in search of a video. The Avonex website has a video that I'm sure is a sterile, watered down, easy to digest video that is designed not to freak out newbies. Unfortunately, I was lacking some important plug in to be able to view it, so I went searching somewhere else.

I found this one on and I'm almost wishing now that I hadn't. I should have just waited until Monday and enjoyed my blissful ignorance.

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