Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Conversation with Big Pharma About Research Continues

I was invited by Gerry Matczak from Lilly Clinical Open Innovation to write a guest post for their blog.  They suggested around 1200 words. HA! Apparently they didn't realize how hard it is for me to get to the point. Family has learned to tune me out after the first five minutes or so, but fortunately for me, Big Pharma wants to hear what a clinical trial patient has to say. They gave me free range and let me talk until I was done. Fair warning: It ended up being over 2200 words.

Read it here on their blog:

Thanks so much to Gerry and Lilly COI for making this happen. Giving me a platform to reach those who might make a difference in the design of clinical trials is a priceless thing indeed.

Thanks also to Novartis for conducting the TRANSFORMS trial for Fingolimod (now Gilenya) and allowing me to take part in this massive study. I owe my very quality of life to you.

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