Friday, July 29, 2011

Where Did They Go?

I went to see Mr. Happy Knife the samurai swordsman at the beginning of this month in order to discuss the lump in my left breast and whether or not to excise the "angry tissue" that had been surrounding it after it had been aspirated. He told me it was my call to do the biopsy or wait and do another diagnostic mammo in 3 months.

I went with the least immediately painful route and will be having my mammo in October sometime.

Meanwhile, 20 days post consultation, I go back to see my GYN who referred me.

Turns out Mr. Happy Knife must be too busy slicing people up to be bothered with little annoyances like dictation. THREE WEEKS and he couldn't say a few words about our meeting? I had to fill in Dr. GYN about what happened.

Dr. GYN decides to do another ultrasound in his office and guess what? He can't find anything. No lumps (not even the new cyst he had seen forming "at ten o'clock" last time I was there), and no more angry tissue.

When I started to get all happy about that he cautioned me that his ultrasound is just a little cheap jobbie do that's not even a late model, so what he's not seeing is not necessarily nothing. (does that make sense?)

He agreed that we can wait on the biopsy since "breast cancers are notoriously slow to grow" so even if we do have something to deal with later, waiting on the mammo won't put me in any jeopardy.

I asked him if there was any way he could get my results from my blood work done at the neuro appointment at Shands Jacksonville a month ago and his honest reply was that I'd probably have better luck getting them directly, but that he'd be glad to try. He said at big places like that the patient becomes a number and when you try to get data from them often times the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, releases get lost, yadda yadda.

Then we got onto discussing the big wheels of health care and Obamacare and how things are going to be changing for the worse soon probably with government meddling in our medical decisions.

I expressed my exasperation at all of it by saying I wish the powers that be would have someone close diagnosed with an incurable, potentially disabling disease so they could know the anxiety of having to deal with health care as an uninsurable person in this country.

His reply was, "Well, while we're wishing, why don't we just wish that NOBODY got these diseases or NEEDED health care? I mean, it's just as possible as what you propose. I'd be out of a job, but we'd all be healthy and happy and I could spend my days sailing."

That's why I love him. He's a glass half full kinda guy.

So I never asked where the cysts went to when they went away or how that happens; I'm just glad to know they are gone.


  1. I hope that cheap jobbie was right and it disappeared completely. I am hope'in for you kiddo!

  2. I hope all is well for you. I wish that too


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