Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here we go again... One Lump or Two: Revisited

About 18 months ago I was blogging about how I had found a lump in my breast and had to have a mammogram and it turned out to be a cyst.

Well here I go again. I found a HUGE lump in my breast a couple weeks ago and went to see my GYN. He said it was GOOD that it hurt as breast cancer is usually not painful. But he agreed that it was huge, about 2" across, and set me to go have the mammo and ensuing ultrasound.

The radiologist came to speak with me and showed me the blown up image of my cyst on the screen. It was not a simple cyst according to him and he suggested aspiration followed by cystology. If the cystology comes back fine, we're done. If there are any suspicious cells in it, then I have to have a biopsy. Ugh.

I was told I have Fibrocystic Breast Changes, a condition where the breasts are lumpy, sometimes tender and often grow cysts which come and go. Great.

I told my GYN that my attempt to grow my own implants wasn't going like I'd anticipated.

He took me off Estradiol and mentioned some drug called Evista which he may put me on later for my Osteopenia. Yeah, like I can afford that.

So Friday morning I will be eating my happy pill, (a/k/a Xanax) and then going into the doctor's office so he can do a needle aspiration on my boob as he looks at it with an ultrasound.

I've got news for him. If we don't hurry up, that cyst is about to disappear and he may be jabbing around in there for nothing.

It's hell getting old. I never had any of this junk going on when I was younger... or maybe I did but I was too oblivious to care or too stupid to realize the consequences. If age has taught me nothing else it's that life is a crap shoot and every day I get older is one day closer to going bust.

Bust. Heh. That was not an intentional play on words, but back to the topic at hand.... if any of you prayin' types out there want to add me to your list of things you bug God about, by all means please do. I'm bending his ear non stop so you may just get a busy signal, but if it goes to voice mail, leave Him a message. He'll get back to you.

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