Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vote Now to Help Fund Research for CCSVI and LDN

My friend and former neurologist, Dr. Daniel Kantor has dedicated his life to Multiple Sclerosis. He is the singular most passionate person I know who stands as an advocate for those of us with MS.

His latest venture in pushing toward finding the ultimate Holy Grail of a cure is to try and get funding for a non-mainstream research center that will explore treatment options like LDN and CCSVI.

He is SO passionate about this project that he is willing to donate his own time to see this to fruition. Quote from the project notes:

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover Dr. Kantor's salary, which will be donated pro bono by him to the project. The budget will not cover services that we are applying for from in-kind donations. The budget will not cover administrative costs, which Neurologique will donate pro bono to the project.

I, for one, cannot see a better way for Pepsi to distribute it's Refresh Everything grant money, but you might say I'm a little biased.

Please watch the video below and cast your vote now before it's too late. Funding for research that doesn't necessarily have a goal of padding big pharma's pockets is rare indeed. We MS patients have a chance to take a proactive role and cast our vote to help better our own choices tomorrow.

So please take a moment and vote today!

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