Monday, October 5, 2009

So anyhow...

I guess I shouldn't leave ya'll hanging in suspense when I announce something like having an MRI that I'm so not looking forward to and then that date comes and goes and not a peep from me.

Maybe it really did cave in and crush me after all, and all those fears were rational?

For all the other MRIaphobes out there, you can relax. I lived through it.

And with 1/2 of one of the two .5mg Xanax pills my trail nurse called into Walgreens for me, I very nearly fell asleep during the whole ordeal. This is the same MRI that I was yelling "get me out of here!" from before the forward movement of sliding me inside was even complete just a week prior. Funny how a drug can alter your perspective so drastically.

Actually, I was pretty anxious before they slid me in this time. The tech said we probably could have let me "soak" another 10 minutes for maximum effect.

I had to do some zen-ish calming deep breathing on the way in, but after I got a little relaxed, it seemed like it was over in no time.

The plan had been to envision the beach and do some astral projection type mental exercise, but the truth of it was that I got in there and started going over all the stuff I needed to do when I got home, and made a mental grocery list, worked out the logistics of some errand runs for maximum gas usage and blah, blah, blah.

Xanax makes me into the average boring housewife, I guess. And I'm not even married.

I got my next 3 months of meds, never heard a peep about the results of that angiolipoma biopsy, and never got pulled from the study. So, no news must be good news.

There seems to be an awful lot of internet chatter lately about Fingolimod/FTY720 and results of the 2nd year of the FREEDOMS study, and it's all good. Something like a 60% reduction in relapses over Avonex?

Quote from the Wallstreet Journal, September 30, 2009:
   By Anita Greil

ZURICH (Dow Jones)--Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG (NVS) said Wednesday a new study showed that patients taking its experimental oral multiple sclerosis drug FTY720 were more likely to go two years without seeing the disease flare up, paving the way for a possible launch as early as next year.

Well, I don't need any stinking WSJ report to tell me THAT! Let's see... I have to go to to find the answer...just a sec.

That's some kinda freaking record for me! In all of my MS-having history of the past decade, I have never had a hiatus like that!

I actually thought my streak was shattered last Friday. I spent the day babying my right leg which felt kinda like I had worn steel wool pants and then got dragged behind the car while holding onto a rope, sitting on the pavement.

But just on the one leg.

My skin felt raw and it was on fire...either that or packed in ice. I couldn't decide since there are only fine nuances that differentiate between the two.

Then, after fretting all day that I would have to call my trial coordinator on Monday, I went to sleep that night and awoke Saturday morning to blah, bland, back to normal. Whew. That was a close one.

I know it's got to happen again eventually, but I'm enjoying my extended stay in the Land of De Nial. As long as I can't feel the symptoms, I can talk myself right out of having MS... and even tho I really DO know I have it, there's no harm in pretending.

As long as I don't forget to take my little magic pill.

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  1. Ohhhh good one... "packed in ice". I never thought of that as a description for my legs but that fits perfectly! Glad you made it through the dreaded MRI!


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