Friday, January 9, 2009

No new is good news?

I called the trial nurse on Wednesday morning, I think it was, to tell her I thought I was relapsing. Maybe it was due to the fact that I claimed it was "so mild I was debating if it was all in my head at times", but I haven't heard a single peep in the way of a reply. Last I was told was "I'll pass this info on to the neurologist and we will discuss what to do."

That must be one helluva meeting if they are all still talking about it.

I suspect the info got shuffled around or the Post-It fell off the computer screen or something. They just forgot about me. Good thing I'm not having a severe attack. Geeze.

Maybe they figure if I'm saying there's no way I want to take steroids that there's not anything they would have done otherwise, so why bother. But you would think that for the study's sake they would want to give me a once over, cursory exam in person, wouldn't you?

And a bit of good news... I never had to call about the HSV because what I thought was the prodrome like syndrome of tingling/stinging sensation never materialized into anything. Whew.

I have been known, in the past, to be able to talk my body right out of having a HSV relapse, so maybe that's what that was.

The MS thing, although I never did talk myself out of it, seems to have plateaued. The itching is subsiding and my hands, although they still tingle slightly, are grasping better (or at least not worse).

The overall fatigue is still with me. Not the floor jack feeling in my arms, thankfully, but I'm like a walking zombie all day. I'm so utterly exhausted I'm just cruising on auto pilot.

I'll post back if they ever decide to call. So far I'm hoping that no phone call means "don't sweat the small stuff".

At least that's how I'm taking it and I'm going to try to quit worrying.

I think I'll go take (another) nap. Yawn.


  1. I think you're looking at it the right way. If they aren;t rushing to call, then they probably aren't worried and you shouldn't be, either. Easy for me to say, of course, but that's how I'd look at it.

  2. Jeri, just to let you know, we are still thinking of you and I'm keeping you in my daily prayers. I agree that if "they" were truly concerned, you would have heard from them right away, hopefully, no news is good news.

  3. Do "they" not understand, you (like me) find NO news disturbing? I mean at least belch or fart at me for goodness sake...but NOT the silent act.

    Linda D. in Seattle


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