Friday, June 27, 2008


Normally I would be insulted if someone used that adjective in describing me. However, when used in radiological terminology, it's a good thing.

My ultrasound of my ovary came back as showing I have a simple cyst about the size of a marble on one of my ovaries and that everything is otherwise "unremarkable".

Woohoo!! Doc says simple cysts are almost always benign and that he's not worried about it. We will follow up in 3 months with another ultrasound.

Everything else is fine, too.

I can go back to being bored with a normal-feeling life again. The storm has passed and I survived the scare of an HSV outbreak, the uncertainty of combining Zovirax with my trial meds, the idea of my HPV "proliferating", and the shock of finding out my ovary is "lumpy". That was some week, I tell ya. I'm getting my money's worth with the hair dye since I'd be well past the "60%" gray that I was when the hair dying started, I'm sure.

All that and no MS attack. YET. Of course I wouldn't be the professional hypochondriac that I am if I didn't pay attention to every little whisper of numbness or weakness that my body gives off. That's why I nearly went into a panic last night about 10pm when I realized I couldn't feel my left foot.

Then it dawned on me that I'd been sitting at this computer for hours straight without ever getting up. I always have body parts falling asleep when I do that. I went to bed mildly freaking out and wondering if This Is It as far as my MS goes.

Then I woke up and WHAM! ... nothing. Everything checks out okay this morning.

We now resume our regularly scheduled lives. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...see?? you DID it! I knew the power of the masses would snatch me up from the depths of ruin. That was a close one.


  1. Seeing that my first name is Mark ... I would certainly be taken aback by being described as unreMARKable!

  2. Glad everything worked out in the end. You know you are in my thoughts daily!

  3. wow...i had a cyst like this too. i was scared to death before i was told it went away. i am adding you to my links and i will probably be reading each and every one of your posts. my neuro has brought up the topic of using fingolimod (what a weird word this is) and so i will research it. they say it should be FDA approved soon. i am not on any meds right now so the thought of an oral med sits a lot better with me...along with the fact that i read it has up to 70 percent efficacy rates. the only bad thing i heard was that it may cause skin cancer? is this true?

    anyways...will be reading you a lot in the coming months.

  4. mdmhvonpa: so much easier to think of you as Mark. That screen name is hard to pronounce. LOL

    Wahm922, you are a sweetheart! <3

    Merelyme: You will LOVE this stuff! Yes, I hope they come up with a catchier name once it's approved but they could call it Dog Poo and I would still ingest it for how it has tamed my MS. I've read some patients from Phase II are STILL relapse free after 3 years on it.

    The skin cancer thing is up in the air about whether the couple of cases from the earlier trial (with a higher 5mg dosage) are actually attributable to the Fingolimod, but they make us see a dermatologist for an exam just to be on the safe side.

    A lot of the things that occurred at 5mg have not happened with the 1.25mg or .5mg doses, so I'm hoping that it was because you CAN get too much of a good thing. :-)

  5. Yeah! That must have been an enormous relief! You have been in my thought and prayers, and will continue to be so! Deborah


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