Friday, February 8, 2008

My New Project

It's not much to look at, as message boards go. But I've been troubled in the past couple of months by changes that have taken place in various spots on the internet. So I figured since I have the knowhow to manage one of these beasts, why not start my own?

With a big hearted webhost name donating the space, I decided to create a gathering spot for any and all MSers, their family, friends, care partners, medical professionals and anyone else who wants to join and contribute.

There's nothing there right now except some examples of me talking to myself, but I would love to have those of you who follow this blog (you know who you are!) invite all your friends and come on over to my place.

It's called mainly because all the good names were taken and I was tired of trying to find available ones. If it's not proper English, I'm least it's catchy and sort of follows along the trend I started with Fingolimod and Me.

So while you are blog hopping, take a minute to stop by and say hi. Think of it as your chance to have a say in what an MS message board should be, instead of joining one already in progress. Post whatever you like and make suggestions...I'm all ears.

I have one section I have made " regional" -- so that people from that specific region can share upcoming events and get togethers. Unfortunately the only "region" I have so far is my own -- NE Florida. If you want your area added, just PM me or leave a comment here.

I know there are a lot of message boards out there, but some are so big, and some are so clique-ish. I just wanted to start one where we are all newbies and get to know each other and share stories and info.

So come on over when you get a chance! And be sure to mention it to all your other MS friends. I can't spam message boards with invites, and I wouldn't want to. I just don't have any other way but this blog to get the message out.

Don't leave me whistling in the dark by myself over there, okay? Come say hi and I promise I'll show up and welcome you. :-) I'm putting out the welcome mat and I'll leave the light on for you.

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