Sunday, January 20, 2008

How MS can make you feel...

I was just cleaning out a closet (yes, Mom, don't faint) and came across an old drawing tablet that had some pen and ink drawings in it. This one is one that I did after getting the (mis) diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I was overwhelmed with sadness. Turned out the doc was a quack (or was he now? hmmmm) and I was able to forget the feelings which drove the desire to put them on paper in the form of a drawing, and get on with my life. It would be another nearly 12 years before I got my second, more believable, diagnosis.

Anyway, thought I would share. The image is copywritten, so fair warning, it's MINE all mine! Besides, it looks exactly like my eye, so I can prove it's mine. hahaha But you can look. :-)

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